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 Polehampton Pathway - The pathway to a happy and successful school.

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Letting the School Know

If your child is ill, please let the school know as soon as possible on the first day of absence.

Ways to let us know:

- Send in a note with an older brother or sister. 
- Telephone us: 0118 934 1338, the office is staffed from 8.30am but please bear in mind that the line is often busy.
- Send an e mail to:

We will attempt to contact you if your child is not in school and we have not had a reason for absence, it is therefore essential that we have a current number on which to contact you.

- If a child is absent on one day we will assume he or she continues to be absent for the same reason on any subsequent days.  
- If your child is going home with someone else, please write a note to their class teacher - it saves confusion. 
- If you collect your child, please inform the school if you know you are going to be delayed.

If there are any changes in home circumstances which might affect your child at school, please let us know so that we can keep a careful eye on them. Of course, we will treat any such information sensitively.

Please notify us of any medical conditions, permanent or temporary, which may affect your child in school e.g. asthma, allergies.

Attendance and Punctuality

- Staff are on duty in the playground from 8.40am, children can be left from this time.  

- The bell will ring at 8.50am, on the first bell children stand still, on the second bell they walk to the entrance doors for their classes.

- School finishes at 3.30pm.

- On the last day of each term, school finishes at 2.00pm.

These times make it easy for parents who have siblings at the Infant School to get to both schools.
It is extremely important that children are in school on time. Lateness can be very disruptive in class and children miss announcements about the day and lesson time. If you need to take your child out of school, e.g. for the dentist, please complete our  'Leave of Absence Request form' below. 
We strongly discourage parents from taking holidays in term time. Taking children out of school during term time is very disruptive to your child's education and to the rest of the class, as the teacher has to spend time going over things again. Sometimes it is not possible to do this and your child may end up with gaps in his/her learning. 
Please read this leaflet for more information about Attendance.


Term Dates and Events

Please visit our Diary Dates page for our events calendar, underneath which is a full list of term dates.

Downloads - Forms and Agreements


Our Church School Status

We became a Voluntary Controlled Church of England School in 2004. Our relatively new church school status has given the school a greater sense of shared identity and a commitment to Christian values. We have strong links with the Oxford Diocese education service and benefit from their courses and conferences. We have our own Diocesan adviser, who visits the school regularly to support our work in developing our church school ethos.

We have Voluntary Controlled (VC) Status which means our funding comes from the Local Authority and determines the number of governors who are nominated by the church.


'The distinctiveness and effectiveness of Polehampton C of E Junior School is OUTSTANDING' according to the report from our Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools which took place in February 2013. The inspector said "A strong Christian ethos is embedded in the life of the school. Relationships within the school community are exemplary and are characterised by Christian care, respect and concern. There is a tangible family atmosphere that is inclusive and ensures all feel cared for and safe."

Sias Inspection Report March 2018

To find out more about the Oxford Diocese, please go to

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Our Vision Statement

‘Through faith, love and inspiration we learn, grow and succeed.’ 

Ethos and Values - Inspired by Archbishop Robert Runcie

At Polehampton Church of England Junior School, we are as concerned as any other school to equip pupils for lives marked by rapid change, global competition and insecurity. But we know that a quality education is not just about acquiring skills and good examination results. It is about forming people who have the moral strength and spiritual depth to persevere in life and weather the ups and downs. It is about forming people who know that striving for material gain is not more important than family life and respect for one’s neighbour, and that technological innovation is not more important than joy in the beauty of creation. It is about forming people who are not afraid to confront the great questions of life and death, meaning and truth. We believe that by offering an education based on firm Christian principles, suffused by mutual respect, love and kindness, we provide the right basis for learning and growing. 

Uniform Information

School uniform is strongly encouraged and all parents are expected to ensure their children come to school wearing it.  Uniform can be purchased from Gooddies.

Girls’ uniform is: navy skirt or pinafore dress, navy, black or charcoal grey trousers, white shirt or blouse, plain navy cardigan, sweater or sweatshirt, low heeled black shoes. In summer they may wear red and white dresses with appropriate, sensible sandals.

Boys’ uniform is: dark grey or black trousers, plain white shirt or polo shirt, plain navy sweater or sweatshirt. Black shoes. 

A red tie is recommended for both boys and girls, but optional. Trainers are not permitted.

PE (all children): 
Navy blue shorts, a T-shirt and sweat shirt in House colours. Trainers or plimsolls for outdoor games, navy jogging bottoms are recommended for winter and a swimming hat in House colours will be required for the summer term. Ear studs must be removed for PE lessons, or taped over.

For ordering please use the link below.

School Lunches and Snacks

We have our own kitchen and a tasty, nutritious lunch is freshly cooked on the premises by Caterlink. Children can choose daily if they would like a school dinner or a packed lunch. A weekly meal rota is sent home and is also available to download by clicking on the link below so parents can see what's on offer each day. 

Payment for lunches: please note new price of £1.95 per meal effective from September 2013. Payment for lunches needs to be made using the Tucasi online payment system. Each child is given a unique online code which you use to register an account at Additional children can be linked to one account, even if they are at different schools.

Information regarding the provision of free meals and the relevant application forms are available from school or the Education Officer, Shute End, Wokingham.


We request that your child's lunch contains no nut products whatsoever. 

Free School Meals 

The leaflet below, published by Wokingham Borough Council, covers entitlement and application details. You could be missing out on over £1,320 a year, it is fast and simple to apply, forms are available online or from the school office.

 Free School Meals Leaflet


Children are offered a piece of fruit or vegetable.  This is supplied by the school from Sports Funding.
Milk can be provided for the children and parents can arrange to have this through  'Cool Milk.'

Home School Partnership and Homework Policy 

Parents have a vital part to play in the education of their children. 

Our Home School Agreement defines the roles of the parent, school and child and the contribution we all make to high quality learning and success at school. We welcome help in classes, either on a regular basis or from time to time when you have a moment to spare. 

 Home School Agreement (2015 - 2016) 

Our Homework Policy is in the process of being updated following extensive consultation with the school community.

 School Council - The Pupil Voice

We believe strongly in involving pupils in school life, including decision-making. In recent years the school council has decided to purchase some very special shared pets, establish a rota for the climbing frame, redesign our playground and, after a cost analysis, decided to install soap dispensers in the toilets. 

Our Aims of the School 

The School Council discussed the aims of the school and came up with the following: 

I would like my school to: 
- Help me to find out what I’m good at 
- Make me brave 
- Help me make friends 
- Help me believe in God 
- Encourage me to do sports 
- Make me clever 
- Encourage me to try even though I might make a mistake 
- Let me ask for help and encourage me to learn from my mistakes 
- Learn to be kind and helpful, calm, reliable and not to bully anyone 
- Give me the opportunity to say my opinion 
- Make learning fun 
- Give me the opportunity to experience all kinds of feelings and learn how to deal with them. 
- Teach me to read and write well so I will be successful at secondary school and get a good job when I’m older

We also have eco-warriors and librarians who are democratically voted into their position. 


After School Clubs 

The Polehampton After School Club provides after school childcare from 3.30 - 6.00pm, Monday to Friday during term time, for children from Polehampton Junior School and Polehampton Infant School.  There is also a Breakfast Club, held off-site please visit our After School Childcare page for more details. 

We also have a range of activity clubs on offer over the year. These vary and may include: judo, dance/drama, netball, football, chess, gardening, guitar, choir, basketball, athletics, art etc. There is a charge for some of these activities. 

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Trips and Visits 

We enrich the curriculum with a wide range of visitors to school and trips out. We have two residential visits; one in Year 5 for two nights with a historical or scientific focus, and one for four nights at the end of Year 6 to an Outdoor Adventure/Activity Centre. 

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Data Protection and Freedom of Information

Polehampton C of E Junior School processes personal data about its pupils and is a “data controller” in respect of this for the purposes of the Data Protection Act 1998. It processes this data to: 

Support its pupils’ teaching and learning; 
Monitor and report on their progress; 
Provide appropriate pastoral care, and 
Assess how well the school as a whole is doing. 

For more information, please read the Privacy Notice for Parents of Pupils, available to download below.